Course Description

The Reroute Your Career Path course allows you to make the transition from your current job or career into one that you will find happiness and feel fulfilled. It is important that you assess and commit to finding what it is that you like to do and how you can get paid what you deserve. I have been fortunate to transition into several careers and it took both professional and personal development for me to find the confidence to pursue careers I assumed were out of reach for me. This course will give you tools and strategies that will assist you in finding your top skills, seeking a purposeful career, budgeting for the transition as well as negotiating a salary you can be happy with. Are you ready to reroute your career? Then this is the course for you.Taking your career in the direction of happiness and purpose.

Elkinsette "Elkie" Clinton

CEO and founder of Savvy Moms Unite

Elkinsette “Elkie” Clinton is a "Career and Prosperity Catalyst". Mom, Career & Finance Coach, Author, & Speaker. She is the creator and owner of Savvy Moms Unite, a coaching business that teaches moms how to transform their careers and make money decisions that bring an abundance to their life. Elkie has worked in non-profit, healthcare, education, and corporate. She has also been a business owner for many years. One of the constants in her life is that change is imminent. It is never too late to make a career change or add additional income to your life. Her advice to moms seeking new career pathways is "Never be afraid to find what fulfills you and the career you are aligned with. Your purpose is what drives you. Be sure to do what makes you happy and allows you to be of service to others. The money sources are there for the taken. ". Elkie has helped many clients to transform their lives by working in their purpose and redefining their money mindset.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Reroute Your Career Tools

    • Reroute Your Career Path Course.pdf

    • Career Transitions Worksheet

    • My Top Ten Skills List

    • 5 Tips to Slay Your Next Interview

    • Questionnaire for Career Path Choice

  • 2

    Bonus Lesson- Prepare for Your Video Interview

    • Lights, Camera, Action- Video Interviews Are Here to Stay